Victory for Adam Raga and double podium for TRS

Exciting victory of Adam Raga in Andorra and double podium in Trial2 for the TRS Motorcycles

Adam Raga has achieved his first victory of the season in TrialGP, imposing itself in a territory of great physical and technical exigency. In Trial2 the TRS Motorcycles team has had two riders on the podium, Luca Petrella and Marc Riba, who confirm their increasing progression and fight for the first places of the championship.

The great protagonist of the Andorra GP has been Adam Raga. After completing a great qualifying section and starting the race in the rear group with Bou and Busto, the TRS rider has managed to manage the race perfectly, recovering to the mistakes of section five and taking his best ride in the rest of the race.

Finally, despite adding eight penalty points by time, Adam Raga achieved a major victory that provides motivation and energy to face the intense schedule that is presented in the coming weeks, where riders will travel to France, Great Britain and the United States before of the summer break.

Good day also for the TRS riders in Trial2, where again Luca Petrella and Marc Riba have repeated the magnificent podium of Japan, allowing them to climb positions in the global standings, where they continue approaching the first positions. Sondre, meanwhile, has been 12th and Sam Obradó 17th.

In Trial125 Eric Miquel has not been able to maintain the good rhythm of the beginning of the championship on after an inopportune failure at the beginning of the second lap. In spite of the effort made, the race was little selective and complex to cut distances, reason why Eric finished 7º, but close to the podium.

The next race of the TrialGP World Championship will be next week in Lourdes (France) 

Photos – Trialworld

Adam Raga #67 – P1
“It was a tough race, but controlled thanks to leaving the group behind after completing a good qualifying. I’ve spent a lot of nerves, studying with Jaime and Toni in each section, knowing that I had to drive very well and not make mistakes to achieve the victory. It is a perfect result for us and gives us great motivation.”
Luca Petrella #204 – P2
“Very happy with this second position of the Andorra GP. Although we have made mistakes and we can be higher, the sensations have been good and we continue to work to improve in the next GP, starting with Lourdes next Sunday. “
Marc Riba #209 
“The race went quite well, I found it comfortable from the first section and when we arrived at the refueling we saw that we were in good position and some of the main favorites were having problems. The second lap started badly, with a five in section two, but luckily I managed to keep my concentration to achieve this important podium.”
Sam Obradò #222 – P17
“Again we had a race with two very different parts for me. The start of the race was good, with great sensations and riding as I know how to do it. Then, after a series of failures, I have not been able to keep up with the start of the race. I am confident that we will continue to progress and that the expected results will come. “
Sondre “Gekko” Haga #223 – P12
“Overall it has been a normal race, with many failures and we know we can do better. I keep the good details and the need to reinforce them to get higher in the next races. We are in the right direction and there is nothing left to continue training and fighting every race. “
Eric Miquel #301 – P7
“I can not be happy with today’s result. In the first round was very well and did not know, but in the second lap everything has been complicated in section two, which was easy. Although I have tried to recover in the other sections, but it has not been enough to achieve an optimal result in this race. “
Jordi Tarrés (Team Manager):  
“We are very happy for the victory of Adam Raga in TrialGP and the double podium of Trial2. We have not had any luck with Eric Miquel in Trial125, who has not been able to consolidate with a good result his great first lap. I insist on how important it is for us to have presence in all categories and also to do it with great results like today. “
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