Weekend with JST GGUK

The weekend was a busy weekend for Youth riders with two British Champ rounds back to back Saturday and Sunday.

Both events were organised by the Stevenston and District MCC at the fantastic Bob MacGregor Trials Academy.

A Class favorite and on form JSTGGUK rider Dan Peace finished second in the low scoring event. Dan has won every round so far this year so was a little disappointed to finished 2nd on the day to Tom Minta.

In the B Class, JST rider Jack Peace recovering from injury was glad of the easy event and did very well to finish 4th. Jacks B Class JST Team mate Sam Yeomans had a bad luck day finishing 6th losing 10 marks but without even putting a foot down. He had two ‘fives’, one for going the wrong way and another for flicking a marker out!

Sunday looked to be a better event with the scores dropped being higher. JST Rider Dan Peace was back to his winning ways and also won the A Class British Championship with one round left to go, so a big congratulations from myself and all at GGUK.

In the B Class, Sam Yeomans also bounced back with a win with his JST GG team mate Jack Peace on the podium in third.

The B Class champion will be decided after the final round on October 12th

Thanks for Trialmag for the pic of A Class Champ Dan Peace, pictured at top, at the Bob MacGregor Trials Academy at the ‘Adult’ BTC last month.

Also on Sunday was the final S3 parts round at ‘The Travers’.

JSTGGUK rider Dan Thorpe was best GG rider in 4th place overall.

JST rider Jack Stones was back in action finishing 14th after breaking two toes at the White Rose Trial.

John Shirt Jnr.
Director, Team Manager
C/o GAS GAS Motos Ltd

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