Wiggins back in fine form for the JMC & LCC Two Day Trial 2016

Wiggins back in fine form for the JMC & LCC Two Day Trial 2016


Two weeks ago the Island of Jersey was buzzing with  Trials riders from Jersey, Guernsey and the UK, all ready to get signed on and started at the Jersey Motor Cycle & Light Car Club annual Two Day Trial!

The weather was expectedly horrid on the first day with constant mist and drizzle and strongwinds; however the spirits of the competitors were certainly not affected.

After a short briefing from Clerk of the Course Dennis Le Breton, the first group of riders set off en-block to the famously tricky sections on Les Platons headland. This first group included the Expert riders, top Jersey riders Adam Le Cheminant and Richard Pallot and UK rider Ricky Wiggins; and a number of Clubman riders. Even the top expert riders struggled with some of the first 5 sections with section 5 taking the maximum 15 marks off 6 out of the 9 expert riders. It was steep, it was slippery, and it was tough.

Still the genial atmosphere continued and the first group carried on to 3 sections at Bouley Bay where there was another section that took maximum marks off some riders. On the 3rd lap the Clerk of the Course made a call to change the section slightly to allow the riders to have a bigger area at the top of a quarry to line themselves up before a big drop down into the quarry. Unfortunately, the ground was just too slippery and there was simply no grip and no room to stop and make the next gate. Again this mainly affected the Expert riders; the other routes Clubman, Twin Shock A, Novice and Twin Shock B, didn’t have to go right to the top of that section and had a bigger turn at the bottom. The average mark lost on this section in the Clubman class was 5 and in the Novice class, 3 marks lost.

The final group of sections on Day 1 was the biggest group with 7 sections that started with a graded hill climb – we like to throw one of these in every now and again. Most riders got through this section without any hassle – however, the way back down was according to Richard Blandin, “one of the most terrifying things I’d ever done on a bike!”

Thankfully the rest of the sections in Rozel woods were not quite as tricky to get out of and everyone had reasonably low scores here.

At the end of Day 1, the Novice route was being led by Kevin Stannard (UK) who had dropped just 26 marks all day. For a first timer in Jersey, this is pretty good going! The Twin Shock results were very close with Anthony Rew (UK) leading the Twin Shock A route and Gary White (JSY) leading the Twin Shock B route.  UK rider George Marshman was leading the way in the Clubman route having dropped just 24 marks on Day 1, local rider Lee Rogan was close behind in 2nd place and UK rider Anthony Milliar was in hot pursuit in 3rd. The expert route was a little closer at the end of Saturday with just 1 mark separating UK rider Ricky Wiggins (69 points) from local rider Adam Le Cheminant (70 points). Richard Pallot finished the day in 3rd place on 86 points and Thomas Mollet completed the day in 4th place. Some great riding in challenging conditions from these local lads.

Day 2 saw a completely different weather forecast with sunshine expected all day long and some nice and dry sections.

The first group off today were the Twin Shocks and Novice routes to Section 1 in St Peter’s Valley woods, Broadlands, where there were 7 sections. The Novice route seemed to have a fairly easy time through these sections with the majority of riders dropping an average 5 marks per section. The riders then made their way through St Peter’s village to 4 sections on Jubilee Hill, which I had very recently learned were not the favorite group of sections for a number of the UK riders! This group does tend to be particularly tricky as there are some big rock steps and the odd terrifying drop – at least the brambles are there to catch anyone who comes a cropper! I joke of course.

This year, due to the unseasonal dry weather we had been having (apart from on day 1!), the sections had grip and the landings were hard with no give in the ground at all. That was of course, until a few bikes had been through the sections and then it was a little bit more slippery and normal service was resumed. Again the Novice route riders didn’t seem to have too many problems with these sections. No big steps or drops for them. The Clubman route had a few drops in their sections on Jubilee Hill and the average number of marks lost jumped to 8 for this group. The A route really got hit with a number of big rock steps and Section 11 in particular seemed to have caught all but Matthew Le Brun, Richard Pallot, Adam Le Cheminant and Rickie Wiggins out. Wiggins lost 1 mark on this sections, Pallot lost just 2 marks.

Now, as much as I would love to say that Adam Le Cheminant and Richard Pallot were nipping the heels of Ricky Wiggins on day 2 like they were on day 1, Wiggins was simply too good. On day 2 Le Cheminant took 3rd place with 31 marks dropped, Pallot dropped 29 marks (so he can beat Le Chem!) but Wiggins dropped just 12 marks all day. Given some of the sections marked out for the Expert riders this year, this just shows how talented this lad is, especially as he hasn’t ridden for nearly 2 years, and has ongoing problems with his ankle after suffering a nasty injury. We’ve not seen him in Jersey for a few years either and it was great to see him back and on great form. Wiggins, the very deserving winner taking the Fuel Supplies Trophy for 2016. Will he be back next year to defend it? We’ll have to wait and see.

That’s it for 2016’s JMC & LCC Two Day Trial, I think the Island has just about recovered, well maybe that’s just me?! On behalf of the Trials committee I would like to thank our sponsors, Rubis and JP Electrical Ltd; the land owners, the event officials, marshals and observers, Normandy Rescue and everyone else who helped make the event the huge success that it was. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Two Day Trial which will be held on the 11th/12thNovember 2017. For any information regarding entries, Hotel costs etc for next year’s event, please contact Jen Cornick on trialsjsy@gmail.com

See you next year!

For full results see www.trialmaguk.com/jmc-lcc-2-day-full-results/ or visit www.jerseymotorsport.com

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