2024 ACU Trial GB British Championship – Michelin and Billy Green Win at Round One

Michelin and Billy Green Win at Round One

The current FIM Trial2 World Champion Billy Green (Scorpa) took the top spot at the opening round of the 2024 ACU Trial GB British Trials Championship sending out a clear message to his rivals with a convincing win in front of Harry Hemingway (Beta) and the defending champion Jack Peace (Sherco).

Harry Hemingway (Beta)

The championship is observed using the ACU Trial GB marking system where competitors may stop, go sideways, or reverse without penalty. However, going backwards whilst footing incurs a five-mark penalty. An additional championship point is awarded to the best lap performance on observation. A one and a half minute time allowance for each section is permitted. The course at each round in 2024 can consist of either three laps of 12 sections or two laps of 15 sections at the discretion of the organisers. In the Trial GB class, a rider can drop the results from one round.

Jack Peace (Sherco)

High winds and heavy rain in the early part of the week subsided at the weekend to allow the course marking team to map out a route containing rocks, rivers and climbs in a very natural environment. All riders took on 12 hazards, ridden over three laps. The weather on the day was overcast but fine with the odd drop of light rain producing ideal conditions. A strong entry of 56 riders were entered across three classes: Trial GB (7), Trial 2 (12), and Expert (37). There would be one main route for the Trial GB class and alternative routes marked in different colours for Trial 2 and the Expert class.

Jack Dance (GASGAS)

It could not have been closer on the opening lap with the eventual top three all separated by a single mark with Billy Green leading the way on nine marks lost. The very nature of the open moorland terrain was very challenging switching from the rocky climbs to the slippery rivers. Harry Hemingway was the only one of the top three to not concede a five mark penalty on the opening lap as the riders fought for the lead.

It was on the second lap when Green made his move for the win as Harry Hemingway parted with a heavy loss of 25 marks, but Peace kept in contention losing 16. As the elder of the two Hemingway brothers tried all he knew to get back in contention on the final lap, it was Peace who lost out with a final lap score of 25 which pushed him down to third. With Green staying solid on 12 marks lost he took the top spot on the podium.

Billy Green: “As expected this was a good opening event and despite the recent wet stormy weather conditions it turned out to be a very challenging course. In these conditions tyre choice is essential and the feedback and feel from the Michelin tyres gave me the confidence to fight for the victory and I knew a solid last lap ride would secure me the win. The Michelin trials tyres have once again proved vital to my success showing how they can adapt to the changing conditions we have encountered today at round one.”

Results Round One: Fell Green, Bootle, Cumbria 21 April 2024

Trial GB Championship Class

1: Billy Green (Scorpa) 33; 2: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 51; 3: Jack Peace (Sherco) 52; 4: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 66; 5: Harry Turner (Sherco) 70; 6: George Hemingway (Beta) 82; 7: Ben Dignan (Montesa) 117.

2024 Trial GB Championship Positions

1: Billy Green (Scorpa) 20 + ⃰ 1 = 21; 2: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 17; 3: Jack Peace (Sherco) 15; 4: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 13; 5: Harry Turner (Sherco) 11; 6: George Hemingway (Beta) 10; 7: Ben Dignan (Montesa) 9.

⃰ 1 Extra Championship point for the best single lap score

A full set of results can be found on the ACU Trial GB website: www.acutrialgb.org.uk

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