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Our readers are mostly owners of motorcycles. They take part in trials, aspire to do so or have done so in the past, or they are industry professionals.
We have readers both young and old. All are motorcycle or trials enthusiasts with a passion for the sport.
Most readers discovered motorcycle trials through family or friends.
As well as worldwide circulation of Trials magazine, enthusiasts follow their sport through this website.

From issue 102 – December 2023, Trials brings together Trial Magazine and Classic Trial Magazine into one exciting new format that is published 10 times a year. Trials covers all major events, machine tests, rider interviews and unique events from around the international world of trials, and also has a regular feature section on the history of the sport and the enduring enjoyment of competition on Pre65 and Twinshock machines.

Why Advertise in Trials?

  • Coverage of all major events, machine tests, rider interviews and unique events from the UK and the global world of trials
  • Internationally recognised as market leaders in the world of trials
  • Every issue, 116 pages full colour A4
  • 10 issues per year
  • Global distribution – 38% export
  • Available in major retail outlets including international airports and by postal subscription
  • 17,000 Facebook followers
  • 11,000 Instagram followers

Trials magazine 10 issues a year

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