2024 ACU Trial GB RD: 2 Michelin and Harry Hemingway Win at Round Two

It was Harry Hemingway (Beta) who stole the show, taking a close fought victory over the defending ACU British Champion Jack Peace (Sherco) to go to the head of the championship as the first round winner Billy Green (Scorpa) rounded off the podium.

Jack Peace (Sherco)

The championship is observed using the ACU Trial GB marking system where competitors may stop, go sideways, or reverse without penalty, a marking system now used in the FIM Trial World Championship. However, going backwards whilst footing incurs a five-mark penalty. A one and a half minute time allowance for each section is permitted. The course at each round in 2024 can consist of either three laps of 12 sections or two laps of 15 sections at the discretion of the organisers. In the Trial GB class, a rider can drop the results from one round.

Billy Green (Scorpa)

Despite damp condition in the earlier part of the week the weather improved to provide a nice warm day at the Hookwood trials venue near Guildford, Surrey. Riders took on 12 sections, ridden over three laps with challenging and variable steep banks, large rocks and man-made elements which provided a wide selection of hazards. 51 riders were entered across three classes: Trial GB (6), Trial 2 (13), and Expert (32). There would be one main route for the Trial GB class and alternative routes marked in different colours for Trial 2 and the Expert class.

Jack Dance (GASGAS)

Looking very sharp and strong from the beginning, it was Harry Hemingway (Beta) who stole the show on the opening lap with a stunning single figure score of just 8 marks lost with a single stop in section seven, the only blot on the scorecard along with a 2 and 1 mark loss in his total. His nearest rivals Jack Peace (Sherco) and Billy Green (Scorpa) both had heavy losses of 17 and 18 marks lost to give him a clear advantage.

On the second lap he remained in control to further extend his advantage as the sections had mud carried onto the rocks, pushing up the lap scores. On the final lap it was a stunning ride from Jack Peace of just 6 marks lost, the best single lap score of the event which was rewarded with a second place finish in front of Billy Green. With the 20 points for the win, the elder of the two Hemingway brothers now moves to the head of the championship.

Harry Hemingway (Beta): “Despite the really nice, warm riding conditions, some of the sections on the opening lap were still quite moist which carried the mud onto the rocks. With these type of conditions tyre choice is essential and the feedback and feel from the Michelin tyres gave me the confidence to achieve a low scoring opening lap. With two more consistent laps and the sections still difficult, the Michelin trials tyres have once again proved vital to my success, showing how they can adapt in all conditions.”

2024 ACU Trial GB Results Round Two: Hookwoods, Guildford, Surrey 2nd June 2024

Trial GB Championship Class

1: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 42; 2: Jack Peace (Sherco) 46; 3: Billy Green (Scorpa) 55; 4: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 66; 5: George Hemingway (Beta) 91; 5: Harry Turner (Sherco) 91.

2024 Trial GB Championship Positions After Two Rounds

1: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 37; 2: Billy Green (Scorpa) 35; 3: Jack Peace (Sherco) 32; 4: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 26; 5: George Hemingway (Beta) 21; 6: Harry Turner (Sherco) 21; 7: Ben Dignan (Montesa) 9.

A full set of results for all the classes can be found on the ACU Trial GB website: www.acutrialgb.org.uk

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