Once again a delighted Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo-GBR) took a history recording 14th victory for Michelin at the 2023 Scottish Six Days Trial organised by The Edinburgh & District Motor Club this weekend. All of the top twenty riders used Michelin tyres and the success continued further down the order. Over 75% of riders chose Michelin tyres for their durability and exceptional performance over the six days of this rugged competition played out around the base at Fort William, Scotland.


Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo)
Billy Green (Scorpa)
Michael Brown (GASGAS)

After taking the yellow leader board on day one, Dougie Lampkin never looked back and went into the final day tied on six marks lost with Billy Green. As the sun shone on Fort William and the surrounding areas the final day proved less difficult than anticipated as three riders including Lampkin, Michael Brown (GASGAS) and the Best Newcomer award winner Harry Hemingway (Beta) remained feet-up. Two marks lost in the closing stages pushed Green down to second as Brown took the final podium position.

Emma Bristow (Sherco)
Harry Hemingway (Beta)

In this male dominated sport the FIM TrialGP Women’s World Champion Emma Bristow (Sherco) was once again the leading lady as she laid claim to the Best Female Rider award. Also making full use of the Michelin tyres during the six days was the 17 year old rider Harry Hemingway on the 125cc Beta. He won three daily Best Performance awards along with the trophy for the Best Newcomer and Best up to 125cc capacity machine award, certainly a name to watch for in the future of this iconic event.


Winner Dougie Lampkin: “I am delighted to take the win as it’s been a very close contest all week between myself and Billy Green. The Michelin tyres have once again proved to be the best choice as I have had maximum grip in all situations on the varied and testing terrain that this event offers. I would like to thank everyone who supports me and who has made this 14th victory possible”.


2023 Scottish Six Days Trial

1: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 6; 2: Billy Green(Scorpa) 8; 3: Michael Brown (GASGAS) 10; 4: Jack Peace (Sherco) 15; 5: Tom Minta (GASGAS) 25; 6: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 26; 7: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 29; 8: Ross Danby (TRRS) 32; 9: Jack Challoner (Montesa) 37; 10: Alexz Wigg (Vertigo) 37; 11: James Fry (Sherco) 37; 12: Dan Peace (Sherco) 40; 13: Chris Stay (TRRS) 41; 14: Jamie Galloway (TRRS) 41; 15: Sam Haslam (GASGAS) 41; 16: Franz Kadlec (TRRS-GER) 42; 17: Sam Connor (Beta) 46; 18: Dan Thorpe (GASGAS) 41; 19: Sam Yeomans (Vertigo) 56; 20: Ben Hemingway (Beta) 58.


Special Awards

Manufacturers Team Award: MRS Sherco

Best Newcomer: Harry Hemingway (Beta)

Second Best Newcomer: Jack Dance (GASGAS)

Best Foreign Rider: Franz Kadlec (TRRS-GER)

Best Services Rider: Dan Peace (Sherco)

Best Over-40 Rider: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo)

Best Female Rider: Emma Bristow (Sherco)


For more information about the Scottish Six Days Trial and for a full set of official results check out www.ssdt.org


To see the full range of Michelin motorcycle tyres visit moto.michelin.co.uk






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