Michelin Win Again – 2023 ACU Trial GB British Championship

With the best seven of eight rounds counting, Jack Peace (Sherco) was already crowned as the 2023 ACU Trial GB British Champion at round seven a few weeks earlier. The winner was a new one at round eight though, as the elder of the two Hemingway brothers Harry won his first ever Trial GB round on the Beta.

Jack Peace (Sherco)

The 2023 ACU Trial GB Championship concluded at this new venue found north of Kettering at Geddington for round eight. Nene Valley MCC worked with the ACU Trial GB team to bring a good event together for the final of the 2023 ACU British Trials Championship and the fifty-two riders entered across the four classes: Trial GB, Trial 2, Trial 125, and Expert all had a good days sport. They competed over the mandatory three laps of 12 sections on a damp day. With rain on the opening lap, the organizers made the decision to ease some of the hazards for the second lap. As the event progressed some became more difficult but as always, the riding standard was very high.

Billy Green (Scorpa)

At this super new venue it was always going to be hard to gauge the level of the sections and the mid-week rain made matters worse. The organising club had worked had to provide 12 good sections but rain interfered with this making for a difficult opening lap. The man on form from the word go was Harry Hemingway (Beta) who closed the lap on a total of 24 followed closely by Billy Green (Scorpa) on 27 and the newly crowned champion Jack Peace on 28. A total of seven, five mark penalties pushed Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda-UK) down into fourth. After the tough opening lap the Nene Valley adjusted some of the sections for the start of the second lap.

Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK)

On the second lap Harry Hemingway remained in control with a stunning lap of just eight marks lost to pull him clear of his rivals and on track for his first win. On the third and final lap he remained calm and in control losing just eight more marks to give him the victory. The best lap score of the trial came from Toby Martyn with a super lap of just five marks lost but the damage was done on the earlier laps, and he came home fourth overall. For Hemingway his hard work was further rewarded as his winning ride pulled him up to second in the overall championship standings which pushed Green down to third.

Harry Hemingway (Beta): “What a result, I am really so happy to take my first win in the ACU Trial GB British Championship in my debut year of competing at this level of riding. The opening lap was difficult at this new venue, but I was happy to take an early lead against such strong opposition. My second and third laps were consistent with eight marks lost on each of them which I was happy with. Since winning in the ACU Youth classes I have always relied on the superior level of grip from my Michelin tyres which once again in the adult classes have always provided me with such a high level of performance in all conditions.”

Round Eight: Geddington, Kettering 24/09/2023

1: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 40; 2: Jack Peace (Sherco) 56; 3: Billy Green (Scorpa) 57; 4: Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK) 62; 5: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 78; 6: Harry Turner (Scorpa) 99.

2023 ACU Trial GB British Championship Best 7 from 8 Rounds

1: Jack Peace (Sherco) 131 + 4 ⃰ = 135; 2: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 114 + 2 ⃰ = 116; 3: Billy Green (Scorpa) 112 + 1 ⃰ = 113; 4: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 85; 5: Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK) 85 + 1 ⃰ =  86; 6: Harry Turner (Scorpa) 74; 7: Dan Peace (Sherco) 9.

*Extra championship points for the best laps on observation.

Full results from all classes and the final championship positions can be found here: www.acutrialgb.co.uk




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