OSET Cup North Enjoys Electric Entry

OSET Cup North attracted over 50 riders to its Scunthorpe event

The most recent OSET Cup North attracted over 50 riders to its Scunthorpe event.  The series continues to go from strength to strength as it works with clubs across Yorkshire and the North to deliver a unique trial, designed to encourage young riders to progress in confidence and ability.

The prize for the furthest travelled must go to Alfredo Roper who travelled from Cambodia with his OSET 16 Racing packed securely in his suitcase.  It was definitely worth the trip as the young man finished first as an E-Class rider on the easy route, dropping 20 marks.

#Simon Armstrong, events manager at OSET Bikes, said: “I’ve been putting these events together for nearly 10 years and it’s just brilliant to see so many kids on bikes, having a great time as their riding progresses.  Every trials rider knows the brilliant feeling of being able to clean a section – and that’s no different if you’re 4 or 64!

“OSET is at the heart of youth trials and events like OSET Cups are also designed to support the sport and encourage young riders and families to support their local clubs too.  There are youth events all over the country that offer the opportunity for kids to ride every weekend and in the week too, with many offering evening events during the summer.

“And for those young riders challenging themselves to ride the hard route, we would then also encourage them to ride at national level.  They have the ability to compete with the best riders in the country.  We’re very much looking forward to supporting OSET Cup regulars Ruairi Graham and Alisdair Pollock compete in the D-Class on the TXP-24 and TXP-20 at the ACU national championships this year.”

OSET Cup North offers four routes: beginner, intermediate, hard and expert, children can ride any route on any bike.  As ability increases, the children challenge themselves to ride harder routes and improve their technical skills on two wheels.

Although part of a championship, children on any size OSET can choose whichever route they’re comfortable on’.  New OSET owners are welcome to come along on the day and see what it’s all about and simply give it a try.

Scott Witting from Scunthorpe MCC, said: “OSET has done so much to get kids on trials bikes and having fun, they are to be applauded.  We loved welcoming so many kids to Scunthorpe.  As Simon said, we also have events that any young riders can come and join, once members of the club.

“One of the benefits of an OSET is the ability to ride and practice balance and technical skills in your back garden without annoying the neighbours, giving kids time on the bike, which can only be a good thing.  It’s also a great motivator getting homework done!”

The event resulted in 16 winners across the four routes as riders are split by age and bike size.  The next OSET Cup North will be held in the Lake District, 25 May 2024, with Sedburgh Club at Ghyll Farm, Burneside, LA8 9AB.

For more information about anything to do with OSET Cups or for anyone interested in hosting an event with OSET support please contact simon.armstrong@osetbikes.com.

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