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After a long and hugely rewarding trials-riding career that was rewarded with 12 FIM World Trials Championships, 12 Scottish Six Days Trial victories and numerous other accolades across the trials spectrum, Great Britain’s proud Yorkshireman Dougie Lampkin MBE moved to new pastures in 2014. A fresh chapter in his two-wheeled adventure would be announced: that he would be joining forces with a new motorcycle manufacturer, Vertigo in Spain.

Behind the venture would be good friend Manel Jane, and between the two of them they had a vison of a new breed of trials motorcycle. This new machine would be embracing the latest cutting-edge technologies available, both in the mechanical and electronic areas.

An extensive period of testing of a new prototype came to life in early 2015 before, against the odds and for the very first time in the manufacturing of trials motorcycles, a winning combination came together as Lampkin took the new Vertigo to victory at the 2015 Scottish Six Days Trial.

Now a well-established brand despite its short life we decided to head into deepest Yorkshire and to the UK headquarters of Vertigo to find out more about this ongoing success story.

Article: Trials Media

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When the news broke that Dougie Lampkin would be joining this new, ambitious Vertigo trials project in 2014 backed by Manel Jane in Spain, the world of motorcycle trials knew it would be something special. In a two-wheeled career that has been rewarded with gold at all levels of competition and an ability to win on both two- and four-stroke machinery he was the ideal candidate for the job.

With the knowledge gained over this winning career he knew he could bring his wealth of experience to the high-level engineers that Vertigo would employ to build this exciting new machine.

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