My fascination with the world of motorcycle trials has dominated my life, in particular since I started this publication in late 2006. It’s been quite a privilege that since 2007, the first year of publication, we have been able to experience the success of the greatest FIM World Championship trials rider of all time, Toni Bou. As he won world titles, 28 to be exact – 14 indoor and 14 outdoor, we established the magazine; but what’s interesting is that we are both still here, at the top of the game. In 2020 the cloud of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted every walk of life, but despite the restrictions the FIM produced another Trial World Championship series, albeit a condensed one. The winner at the very top in TrialGP remained the same though: Toni Bou and the four-stroke Repsol Honda. Since his arrival in the premier league of trials in 2015 the name Jaime Busto has been a major talking point in the world of trials. Will he ever topple Toni Bou? Well, you can rest assured that when the flag does eventually drop at the start of the 2021 FIM Trial World Championship the Spanish pairing of Jaime Busto and the Vertigo will be ready and waiting.

Article: John Hulme

Pictures: Trial Magazine

Born on 12th April 1997 in northern Spain in the town of Gorliz, Jaime Busto was rewarded with world championship success at a very early age in the FIM World Cup series, as it was known in 2014. Riding the Beta, he had grown up with the support of his family and had been noted by many as the one to watch. In truth he came to my eyes at the final round of the 2014 world championship in Spain with his flamboyant victory leap onto the stage as he celebrated his success. When I say he caught my eye when he landed, he nearly went through the stage floor! This was Jaime Busto. I made a mental note to myself to stand well back in the future…

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