TRS Motorcycles Future Growth Plans

TRS Motorcycles, global leader in the trial motorcycle industry, is opening a process to incorporate a strategic partner to drive its growth plan and future roadmap.

The company, which is a part of Excens Group, owned by Ricard Novel, is managed by Marc Arañó and by the 7-time world champion, Jordi Tarrés, and will enter the electric motorcycle segment and will expand into other disciplines within the offroad segment.

Barcelona, April 29th 2024.- TRS Motorcycles, commemorating its tenth anniversary in 2024, stands as the leading brand in the trial motorcycle sector. Its trajectory and positioning have been characterized by a clear commitment to business excellence, with a sustained growth that has led them to sell motorcycles in more than 60 countries around the world. Now, as it marks its milestone anniversary, the company unveils its strategic vision aimed at extending TRRS’s presence beyond the world of trial, expanding into new horizons in the offroad motorcycle segment, as well as incorporating a full range of electric motorcycles. The combination of leadership, experience and global reach achieved by TRRS in the offroad sector works in its favor.

TRRS is part of Excens Group, a conglomerate dedicated to various activities, from logistics and engineering to the world of motorsports and the real estate sector. Its main shareholder is Ricard Novel and it is currently managed by Aleix Escassi.

Since its foundation, TRRS has been synonymous with quality, success and performance in the demanding world of trial and motorsports competition. Under the management and leadership of Jordi Tarrés, a 7-times world champion, and with the global commercial experience of Marc Arañó, both founding partners of the firm, along with Barcelona businessman Ricard Novel, the TRRS team has continually demonstrated its ability to overcome challenges and set new standards in the highly competitive trial sector. The tireless dedication of their team has been fundamental to the Company’s success over the last decade.

In order to propel this growth and expansion plan, Excens Group, along with NORGESTION serving as financial advisors for the corporate transaction, initiates a search for a strategic partner who can bring additional resources and experience to undertake this ambitious growth phase.

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