Vertigo finishes the World Championship with good sensations

The Vertigo team wrapped up the TrialGP 2023 World Championship this weekend in France with good sensations for the team’s most outstanding riders.

The 2023 TrialGP World Championship – made up of fourteen trials – finished with good feelings for the Vertigo team, particularly on the final day of competition in the TrialGP of France. Both in TrialGP and Trial2 and also in Trial3, Miquel Gelabert, Pau Martinez, Mattia Spreafico and Alfie Lampkin all fought to finish on the podium in their respective categories on the last day of competition in Vertolaye.

The few trials that Miquel Gelabert has contested with the new Nitro RSR in the top category have shown a clear improvement, especially in terms of feelings with the bike. On Sunday he was two points shy of the podium in a trial that saw the Catalan rider throw everything at it. With little more than half of the championship completed, Gelabert managed to finish in a noteworthy ninth place.

Maximum equality in Trial2

In Trial2, undoubtedly the most evenly matched category of the whole championship, Catalan rider Pau Martínez and Italian Mattia Spreafico were particularly outstanding. Both had a brilliant final day, occupying, after the first lap, positions of honour. In the end, the toughness and the tiredness proved too much for the two young Vertigo riders who dropped positions behind the bars of their RS. Top ten for Pau at the end of the event, while Spreafico finished 12th. Belgian Emile Mattheeuws and Catalan Adrià Mercadé had a more modest weekend.

For Alfie Lampkin, the TrialGP of France was the last chance to fight for a podium place, although he was ultimately unable to achieve it. Sometimes the experience in the category influences the result, with the British rider lacking the final finishing touch in the trials. Nevertheless, Alfie posted a final fourth place in the Trial3 championship standings.

The only female participant with Vertigo was Australian Lillie Yiatrou, who competed in the Trial2 Women’s World Championship with the sole intention of garnering experience. After the three double-date events, she finishes in seventh place.

New Nitro 2024

Next Friday, September 8, the new Vertigo Nitro 2024 will be launched. During the Trial of Nations, which will take place in Auron, France, the great novelty of Vertigo for trial lovers will be revealed.

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