2024 ACU TrialGB British Championship New Arrangements

The ACU T&E Committee announce a new structure

The ACU are pleased to announce the following new arrangements for the 2024 ACU TrialGB British Championship.

Further to the retirement last season of Brian Higgins as Series Manager, discussions have been taking place over the winter months around the future structure, management and organisation of the series.

As one of the premier domestic trials championships in the world, the ACU TrialGB series not only represents the pinnacle of British trials competition, it also serves as an important feeder series for our top athletes to compete in FIME and FIM international competition.

In building on the foundations laid by Brian Higgins, the aim for the ACU going forward is to grow participation and the profile of the series. As such, 2024 will very much be a transitional year, with a focus on working with new and existing organisers to develop both the sporting and promotional aspects of the series.

The ACU T&E Committee are therefore delighted to announce a new structure with the appointment of Barry Huskinson as TrialGB Series Manager and Sam Connor as TrialGB Sporting Manager.

In the role of Series Manager, Barry will work closely with all of the various stakeholders in coordinating the promotional, commercial and organisational arrangements of the TrialGB Championship. The ACU are pleased to be working with Barry, who has been around the trials scene for many years and is himself a very capable national rider. Alongside which, he has enjoyed a successful professional career as a sports performance coach, has freelanced in many trials based mountain bike and motorcycle demonstrations as well as a period working directly in the trials industry for OSET Bikes.

In taking on this new role Barry said:

‘I find the direction the ACU has chosen to forge ahead for 2024 refreshing, and I do believe this new structure is an important step to better serve our trials community going forward. As part of these changes, I am delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to become the ACU Trial GB Series Manager for 2024.

Trials has always been a huge passion of mine since a very young age, it has brought me a lot of joy, and I sincerely hope it can bring joy to many future generations. I hope that by working alongside the Sporting Manager, organising clubs, and with the Trials and Enduro Committee, we can collectively build a progressive championship for the riders and inspire a wider audience to participate in the spectacle of our national championship.’ 

In the role of Sporting Manager, will be Sam Connor, who as a former British and World Championship competitor needs little introduction.

Sam has ridden at the highest levels of the sport, is a former winner of the Scottish Six Day Trial and a twice winning member of British Trial Des Nations Team. Having represented many of the major trials brands during his long and successful career, Sam is widely respected within the trials community, his knowledge and experience will be invaluable in creating a consistent standard of competition across the series. In his capacity as Sporting Manager, Sam will work closely with both competitors and organising clubs, providing guidance on course design, including the length and severity of sections for the Championship classes. 

In taking on this new role Sam said: 

‘It is a huge undertaking to put on an ACU TrialGB event, given the expectations to test and showcase the talent we have in the country. I am really excited about the future of British trials and I look forward to supporting the organising clubs and their teams of volunteers to provide the best rider experience. Working closely with the clubs, competitors and, of course, the TrialGB Series Manager, we aim to bring our community together in a way which will allow the Series to thrive throughout 2024 and beyond.’ 

With the 2024 TrialGB Series due to start in April, the new team will be busy liaising with the ACU, organising clubs, competitors and industry partners. We wish the new team and everyone involved in the TrialGB Series success over the coming year. 

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