Pre’65 Scottish Trial 2024 – Press Bulletin

There has been a delay in receiving the cost for the supplementary road traffic insurance from the insurance company which means we have not been able to send out the emails with the riding numbers of the successful entrants as quickly as we normally do.  We are aware that everyone is keen to know their number and the secretary has received emails and messages from some who are concerned that they have not received notification when payment for their entry needs to be made.

We hope to hear back from the insurance company in the very near future so that we can send out the emails with all the information needed to allow payment of the entry fee so please bear with us in the interim.  As well as keeping an eye on your email inbox and spam folder, we will put up a post on Facebook and our website to alert you when the emails have been sent out.

In the meantime, the Entry Riding Number List and Reserve List Numbers are listed below.

Entry List – Riding Number Order – 27 January 2024

Reserve Number List – 27 January 2024


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