Beta Evo MY 24


The 2023 racing season is drawing to a close, and the Beta Factory Trial Team is determined to achieve the best possible results with its riders, who are competing in all World Championship categories: like Matteo Grattarola, who is proving his ability in the top class following his return to the Beta team for the remainder of the 2023 season.

The tried and tested technical package, provided by the manufacturer from Rignano sull’Arno, Italy to its riders and all enthusiasts of the brand, which has seen advances over time thanks to feedback from Factory Riders, has confirmed itself to be a winner, and is returning to the market with the addition of a new functional component – the electronic key.

Beta is therefore launching the EVO My 2024 with an original graphical release with a refined aesthetic impact that makes this new model both judiciously racing-styled and elegant.

The skilful use of red, in this case used to enhance the grey coloured base instead of as a primary element, exalts the bike’s volumes and embellishes the original aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.The mill-finish aluminium swingarm and frame emphasises the bike’s strong links with racing, where the materials are pure and everything is designed for maximum performance.

Thanks to the innovations introduced with the previous Model Year, which make the EVO range stand out right at the top of the Trial sector, all recent additions to the bike are confirmed for 2024, with updates however to the aesthetic impact, with new graphics which are released from the traditional Beta red.


The main new feature from the point of view of the equipment involves the introduction of the electronic key which plays a dual role, combining the more traditional passive bike and rider safety function traditionally represented by a Kill-Switch with an innovative anti-theft function.

The EVO range is one of the most extensive in this class, and continues to offer a total of six different models, each with its own character and able to meet the needs of all riders, raising the potential and level of enjoyment that each experience:

Electronic Key: this new electronic device holds an exclusive European patent awarded to Betamotor (EP3064405B1), and provides an anti-theft function as well as protecting the bike and its rider.

The electronic key is a two-part component: one part remains fastened to the bike’s handlebars, while the other is magnetic (worn by the rider with a cord around their wrist), activating a mechanism in the event they are disconnected.

The device, which was recently introduced for the first time on a Beta model with the Xtrainer My 24, fulfils the function of a Kill-Switch for the safety of both bike and rider, shutting off the bike when the magnetic contact point connected to the rider’s wrist and the handlebar is disconnected.

Unlike a normal Kill-Switch, however, the new electronic key also incorporates an anti-theft function, preventing the bike from being started when disconnected, thanks to coding which uniquely links the bike to the key, protecting against theft of the vehicle when it is left unattended.

Greater protection for the bike and rider,in a single solution exclusively patented by Betamotor; for the first time as standard equipment.

Evo My 2024 also retains all the recent additions to the vehicle in the various engine sizes, which confirm the functionality of the tried and tested technical package, more specifically:

·        Redesigned radiator grille: as well as optimising the air flow, it also boasts a greater protective surface in the cap and radiator body area, to prevent these components from sustaining damage from impacts with branches, stones or in the case of a fall.

·        Tank cover: the shape envelops the frame and allows all the cable routing to be covered, for a clean and more orderly look. The mapping switch is also located inside it. It is, indeed, worth remembering that the EVO offers a choice of two different engine maps that the rider can select with a convenient button on the tank cover. This location makes the button easy to reach while offering protection against knocks and unintentional operation, while an LED indicator lets the rider immediately identify which map is currently in use.

·        Rear shock: the EVO shock comes complete with all the adjustments a rider needs to tailor the bike and identify the ideal set-up but, with the latest evolutionary step implemented, the bike is significantly improved interms of its progressiveness, responsiveness and damping.

The innovations introduced to the largest displacement 2T models (250/300) also include: 

·        Crankshaft and piston rod with reduced inter axle spacing for more rounded delivery and improved vehicle dynamics.

·        Cylinder and head: overhauled timing and combustion chamber, providing improved torque at low rpms, while retaining engine performance at higher speeds.

·        Engine map: optimised in order to set up the components in the best possible way and exploit the engine’s power and docility.

·        Exhaust manifold: a manifold protection has been installed to avoid any overheating and to protect the manifold from impacts. As well as being functional, this rounds out the bike’s overall look (also on 125 two-stroke).

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