Dougie takes the win at the annual Kirkby Charity Christmas Trial

The annual Kirkby Christmas Charity Trial returned on Sat 17th December. Run in conjunction with Ripon Motor Club, this trial has been running since 2004. With funds raised from section sponsors, spectator donations, raffle and auction, the charities chosen to receive all profits made by the trial this year are Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Dementia Forward. D&M Design made the trophies for the top 3 in each class along with medals for the fastest time through the Straight Rhythm race section.

This year the riders only had to face each section twice, however the 18 sections ahead of them had been tweaked by the team running the trial. Most sections saw new routes through them due to the massive landscaping project that was undertaken in the weeks before the event. This saw sections becoming tighter and trickier with added jumps, rocks and turns added in to challenge the 190 riders entered.  For the first time, an optional race section was added to settle some grudges. A floodlit head to head race, riders had packs of wooden sleepers, skips, concrete lego blocks, tyres and concrete pipes to get over before finishing on concrete panels on the banking side, extra points for a jump with style. 

Thankfully the weather held out for most of the day, however the rain from the previous days along with the freezing cold temperatures and the flurry of snow showers that came early morning made the sections all that bit harder for the early through riders. 

His first time riding this trial, Dougie Lampkin beat the 28 other hard course riders to take top spot without losing a mark across the 36 sections. Only losing 2 marks, Harry Turner came in second with James Dabill in 3rd with a stall on section 14 costing him 5 marks and joint first place. Lampkin (0), Turner (2), Dabill (5), O Smith (8), Challoner (13), Bullock (19), C Smith (27), Brightmore (33), Alford (34), Dubik (37). 

The middle course had the biggest entry of all 3 routes with 81 riders entered. With some great rides on the tough sections, Bill Reeves took the win for this route with Ben Butterworth coming 2nd and youth rider Josh McParland rounding off the top 3. Reeves (17), Butterworth (17), McParland (18), Adshead (20), Robinson (22), Minta (23), Lightfoot (23), Moorhouse (24), Bannister (24), Handley (26). 

On the easy route, Neil Gaunt and Phil Hammond were tied for first place after lap 1, after the second lap decider, Neil took the win with Shaun Lightfoot coming third. With only 6 marks separating 3rd and 8th, this was a close race for those riders. Gaunt (4), Hammond (9), Lightfoot (12), Laws (13), Gulley (14), Hardisty (15), Holmes (18), Dawson (18), Butler (22), Dunning (24). 

Full list of results is available on the Ripon MC website and facebook pages. Final charity donation total to follow when all funds received. Thank you goes out to the landowner and as always the observers who braved the cold weather. 

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