With the goal of encouraging all riders to join the action, become more confident and better prepared to master the art of feet-up riding, GASGAS is thrilled to introduce The GASGAS Trial Guides – a trial riding ‘how-to’ video tutorial series that we hope will encourage riders to develop and master essential new skills, and have fun doing it!

  • GASGAS launches trial riding ‘how-to’ video tutorial series
  • Pro riders reveal their tips and tricks for effective feet-up riding
  • New videos released each week on the GASGAS YouTube channel


This one’s for everyone, so no matter if you’re a newcomer to the seemingly weird and wonderful world of stand-up motorcycle sport, or an experienced top-level trial competitor looking to improve further, with the help of the GASGAS Factory Racing team and some of our brand ambassadors, in each video we’ll be sharing tips and advice that will help you to improve your trial riding.

We believe everyone can benefit from learning and improving their trial riding skills. As well as being super enjoyable, mastering balance, understanding the importance of throttle and clutch control, and over time becoming a slow-speed bike handling wizard, are all skills that are fully transferable to other offroad disciplines, like enduro and motocross, and even street riding.

All episodes of The GASGAS Trial Guides will be published on the GASGAS YouTube channel, as well as embedded on We’ve already shot a whole load of cool videos, covering a basic introduction to what a trial bike is, how to set one up, and how to master the basic riding techniques. In addition, we’ve created additional videos aimed at newcomers, intermediate, and advanced level riders, as well as a mini-series on those transferable skills.

But what’s really cool is that we want viewer feedback and input from riders of all abilities to help us determine what comes next! By commenting directly on the GASGAS YouTube page, you can help us create even more great content.

Check out The GASGAS Trial Guides ‘how-to’ video tutorial series now on the GASGAS website!

Give it a trial!

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