Outstanding Edition of the TRRS Lovers 2024

The brand’s annual party to bring together all its fans

On February 3rd and 4th, a new edition of TRRS Lovers, the brand’s annual party to bring together all its fans, was held and was a great success once again for 2024.

The TRRS Lovers 2024 event brought together once again a multitude of fans, riders, importers, distributors and supporters of TRRS Motorcycles, who enjoyed a great day of trials for all ages and levels in the Moto Club Cent Peus Trial Area, in Sant Fost de Campsentelles, very close to Barcelona.

During the day, the new racing structure of the brand was presented, with Aniol Gelabert as the new official rider. Also in attendance were new riders such asJorge Casales with the Nonstop Bikes structure, and the usual riders; Pau Dinarès, Jarand Gundvalsen, Sam Obradó, Mats Nilsen, Arnau Escarrà,among others.

All of them made an exhibition in a new area set up for the event, next to a children’s area for the little ones.

The TRRS Lovers was not limited to the training day on Saturday, but it was also possible to enjoy a guided tour of the factory on Friday, where more than 100 customers were able to see the facilities and the work carried out there.

First X-TRIAL 2024 event for Aniol Gelabert

On Sunday, many of the attendees went to the Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona) to enjoy the first round of the X-TRIAL 2024.

Aniol Gelabert achieved an 8th position in his official debut with TRRS. After a first lap with few mistakes, the young 23 years old driver couldn’t improve his scores from round one and was out of the final.

Thanks to all the assistants and collaborators!

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