Vertigo Motors celebrates its most vibrant Vertigo Day ’24 to date

Noassar Park off-road centre provided the ideal backdrop for yet another edition of Vertigo Day

If there’s a single adjective to capture the essence of Vertigo Day 2024, it’s “successful.” The brand in green’s big celebration proved a resounding success, affirming that Vertigo Motors is thriving more than ever.

Noassar Park, the premier off-road centre nestled within the grounds and natural surroundings of Hotel Boutique Puig-Francó in Camprodón, Spain, provided the ideal backdrop for yet another edition of Vertigo Day. Vertigo Day serves as a gathering point for Vertigo enthusiasts, customers, dealers, riders, and the Vertigo Motors team. It wasn’t just a day for gatherings; it was also an opportunity to relish the mountains and experience the current bikes… as well as those yet to come!

butifarrada, a traditional local breakfast of sausages, kicked off Vertigo Day ’24, helping the participants face what would be a long, intense morning. The trial course winding through Noassar Park delighted attendees, offering them the chance to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings while witnessing the prowess of Vertigo Motors’ official riders navigating the most challenging sections. Additionally, an indoor exhibition added to the excitement of the event.

Prior to the start of the trial, attendees were able to get a glimpse of the launch plans scheduled for the upcoming weeks involving new bikes manufactured at the Palau-Solità i Plegamans facilities. The new Vertigo Titanium and Vertigo RS were revealed, as well as the new bike for the mixed segment, the Vertigo Linko.

The Vertigo Linko is an all-terrain bike with a 125 cc 4-stroke engine that takes fun to new heights: on the asphalt, track, mountain… even trial! Attendees even had the opportunity to try out some of the models first hand. The upcoming launch will feature the unveiling of the Vertigo Linko, along with the introduction of the new Titanium and RS models.


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