Richmond Motor Club Redmire Trial

Richmond Motor Club held an Easy Clubman Trial at Swan Farm in Redmire on Saturday 3rd December. The trial kicked off at midday with 38 riders attempting 4 laps of 10 sections spread up and down a rocky beck. The Conducted Course saw 6 young riders tackling 3 laps of 8 sections in a wooded area near the main beck. 

The weather was typical for December – cold but dry. Some riders commented on how lucky they were with the weather, having had snow at the event in the past, although the observers who were standing out in the cold for 4 laps seemed to think otherwise!

The sections proved ideal for twinshocks, as on the Main Clubman Course, Kevin Chapman (James) took the overall lead, losing just 13 marks, and John Maxfield (BSA) came in second, losing 16 marks. Mark Whelan (Beta) took third place with 17 marks lost. 


On the Hard Course deviation, Paul Hayward (Electric Motion) led the Adult Class, with 39 marks lost. Sam Adamson (GASGAS) was second, losing 45 marks, and Hannah Richardson (TRRS) came in third on 73 marks. For the Youth Class, Callum Fowler (Beta) took the lead with an impressive 17 marks lost, followed by Jack Vasey (Beta) and George Hird (Sherco) on 36 and 45 marks lost respectively. 

George Rennison (Beta) took the lead on the Conducted Course, losing just 23 marks. Isaac Tiplady (Oset) came in second on 31 marks lost and Rufus Orde-Powlett (Oset) rounded off the top 3, losing 43 marks. 


Richmond Motor Club would like to thank everyone involved in the running of the trial; the Clerk of Course and his assistants, the landowners, Secretary and a special thank you to the observers who stood out in the cold!



Clubman Course:

Overall: 1. Kevin Chapman (James) 13, 2. John Maxfield (BSA) 16, 3. Mark Whelan (Beta) 17

Clubman: 1. Glenn Hanslip (Sherco) 22, 2. Steven Wigglesworth (Beta) 25, 3. Peter Hook (GASGAS) 32

Over 40: 1. Mark Whelan (Beta) 17, 2. Cris Russell (Montesa) 20, 3. David Walker (GASGAS) 24

Twinshock: 1. Kevin Chapman (James) 13, 2. John Maxfield (BSA) 16, 3. Steven Ainslie (Fantic) 39

Youth B: 1. Harvey Rutter (Sherco) 46, 2. Bobbie Pulman (Beta) 58

Youth C: 1. Josh Dent (Beta) 68, 2. Matthew Walton (Beta) 92


Hard Course (White Deviation):

Adults: 1. Paul Hayward (Electric Motion) 39, 2. Sam Adamson (GASGAS) 45, 3. Hannah Richardson (TRRS) 73

Youths: 1. Callum Fowler (Beta) 17, 2. Jack Vasey (Beta) 36, 3. George Hird (Sherco) 45


Conducted Course:

  1. George Rennison (Beta) 23, 2. Isaac Tiplady (Oset) 31, 3. Rufus Orde-Powlett (Oset) 43

Report & Photos: Charlotte Brown .. photos of Kevin Chapman, Paul Hayward and Callum Fowler

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