Toni Bou becomes 2023 TrialGP World Champion

The Repsol Honda rider extends his record with a total of 33 world titles: 17 in the outdoor series and 16 indoors.

In the event held this Sunday in Vertolaye, France, Toni Bou claimed a new win and, with one round remaining in the 2023 World Championship, he clinched a new TrialGP title. The Repsol Honda rider has 17 titles in the outdoor discipline and a total of 33, making him one of the most successful athletes in history.

This season, the Montesa Cota 4RT rider has claimed a total of 10 victories. Since Bou started competing with the Repsol Honda Team in 2007, he has won every title available, becoming the dominant force in trial riding.

In addition to his outdoor titles, he has another 17 with the Spanish national team in the Trial of Nations competition and a further 16 X-Trial. In total, Bou has earned 141 victories in 252 events held in the Outdoor World Championships and 196 podiums.

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