Toni Bou clinches the 2022 Trial des Nations with the Spanish national team

The Repsol Honda Trial Team rider has lifted aloft yet another world championship trophy today, this time as part of the Spanish Trial des Nations squad competing at Monza. It marks a seventeenth title for Bou with the national team.

Toni Bou, alongside team-mates from the Real Federación Española de Motociclismo, won the TDN held today in Monza, Italy. The latest edition of the national team competition, taking place in the surroundings of the Monza circuit, saw the Spanish team victorious thanks to the participation of Repsol Honda Trial Team rider Toni Bou flanked by Jaime Busto and Adam Raga. Spain (9) beat Italy (31), Great Britain (52), France (70) and Norway (116) in the elite category.

Since the inception of the world championship for national teams, the Spanish squad have triumphed at the Trial des Nations on 28 occasions, winning consecutively the last 18 times. Toni Bou has made 17 appearances as part of the RFME team.

Toni Bou  1


In the Trial des Nations competition, we have a mega Spanish team and, as always, the three of us have had a great time competing together. I wish to thank the Spanish Federation for having me for another year and I’m very happy to pick up another world title for the team. It’s always good to finish the outdoor season with a title and now we look forward to the final X-Trial in Andorra to be able to compete pressure-free and celebrate what has been a very good year for me and for Repsol Honda.

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