Toni Bou takes third victory of the season and Gabriel Marcelli finishes fifth in Bordeaux

The 32-time World Champion remains in the lead after the fourth round and Marcelli remains third overall

The fourth round of the X-Trial season was held at the Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux, and Toni Bou claimed his third victory of the season, extending his lead in the overall standings. His teammate, Gabriel Marcelli, finished in fifth position after making some mistakes in the two rounds.

In the first round, Bou placed second after accruing 5 penalty points in the first zone. Marcelli was fifth after some complications in the early parts of the course.

Bou qualified for the final after leading the second round, which gave him an extra point in the overall standings. Marcelli was fifth after mistakes on Zones 2 and 4.

The final was very tight, with the three participants fighting until the end to get the victory. Bou emerged as the winner of the fourth round of the X-Trial season and continues to lead the overall standings with 79 points. Marcelli, after his fifth place at the French event, remains in third place.

The X-Trial Championship now takes a break until October 7th in Andorra.

Toni Bou  1


“All of our rivals pushed a lot from the first round. In the final we all made mistakes, especially on the first zone. These things that can happen, and the important thing is that we were able to improve. It has been a very nice race, especially for the fans. We were very nervous, but we were able to get a very important victory. The first half of the season closes with three wins and a second position, but everything was very tight I am very happy with the result and with the work from the team. Let’s keep it up!”

Gabriel Marcelli  38


“We took fifth position, which is not the result we wanted. We wanted to get on the podium, and if possible win. But that’s racing and you can’t always be at the top. I made mistakes on both of the two rounds and wasn’t at the level I should have been. Now a break in the season is coming, I’ll take the opportunity to work on the mistakes and come back stronger at the next event. The positive we can take from today is that we know what the mistakes are and that way we can learn from them, and also learn to manage our nerves.”

Takahisa Fujinami

Team Manager

“Gabri had a bit of pressure and that meant that he didn’t ride very smoothly from the first round. In the second round he didn’t have much of an advantage, plus he made more mistakes that ended up hurting him. We have to work on the mental side so that he can reach the top, since he is a rider with the talent for that. At the moment he is third in the standings, but now it is time to focus on TrialGP. As for Toni, it was a pity that he couldn’t come out of the first round as leader. But Toni is Toni. On the second lap he was brilliant, and was a step above the rest. He ends the first half of the X-Trial season as leader and with this advantage allows him to be calmer ahead of the TrialGP championship and the remainder of the Indoor series, in which he is closer to achieving another title.”


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