The new TRRS XTRACK RR 2023 is the perfect bike for trial excursion enthusiasts. A very versatile bike concept that adapts to a wide range of users.

It stands out for its reliability, power and lightness, to tackle excursions and even high-level sections. It is the best choice for those demanding adventurers looking for high performance, high autonomy, and greater comfort.

Our new XTRACK RR means hight quality. It has exclusive components with the same performance as the most Racing model, a bike that surprises everyone who rides it.

The new TRRS XTRACK RR 2023, incorporates on this occasion interesting new features, which show the care with which we continue to evolve and improve an already reliable model, which has become a world reference.

It has managed to ascend to a higher level, from which it offers, above all other aspects, maturity and reliability, maintaining its essence and also the DNA of its origins; high performance, high-tech materials, maximum quality in its manufacture and exclusivity in its details.


  • For 2023, the frame is fitted with a new TRRS-designed swingarm in gold colour, which gives it more dimensional precision, as well as an operation that provides a greater feeling and sensitivity on the rear axle.
  • The assembly is equipped with a new pin, bushing and seals on the swing axle, which considerably reduces the free play of the system and its maintenance, as well as facilitating its assembly.
  • All this, together with the new Reiger 2-way shock absorber settings, provides greater control and stability over the rear wheel.

Chain Tensioner:

  • It also features a new spring and chain tensioner bushing that increases the spring’s fatigue strength, reducing spring maintenance.


  • The 125cc model is equipped with a new 45Z crown guard.

Skid Plate:

  • The ONE II knurled crankcase protector also features a new design for improved underframe impact protection in the footpeg area.


  • On the intake side, there is a new intake nozzle for the filter box which improves air filter positioning.
  • The air filter and its cage are also renewed for a better air intake and better fixation of the assembly. All this facilitates maintenance work.

Front Suspension:

  • The TECH front fork is fitted with new internal settings that provide more progressive behaviour and greater sensitivity on the front end. The seat posts are machined in black, as the suspension cylinders.
  • The 125cc model will continue to be fitted with gold-coloured bars and bottles.


  • The XTRACK RR 2023 receives a new handlebar protector that improves the protection of the handlebar clamp in accordance with the safety regulations set by the FIM.

“Racing” headlamp cowl:

  • The “racing” headlamp cowl features a red colour that enhances the aesthetics in line with the new design line of the model.

Electric installation:

  • The electrical installation mounts a new switch bracket for the now more accessible dual CDI map.


  • It is equipped with a new zinc-plated radiator cap that facilitates the maintenance of the cooling system in case of filling and draining.


  • The new graphics harmonise the new XTRACK RR 2023, with an elegant yet aggressive design.

ENGINE 125-250-280-300 cc.

  • New CDI mapping improves engine performance at low revs.

Electric Start

  • The electric start version features a new bracket on the top for an easy assembly and disassembly.

Standard: 300 – 280 – 250 – 125 cc.
With Electric Start: 300 – 280 – 250 cc.



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