Vertigo Jaime Busto Replica (JB-R)

With a clear focus on R&D Strategy, Vertigo once again leads the technological evolution in the world of trials with the launch of the state-of-the-art Jaime Busto Replica (JB-R), the new “R” model for the 2022 season.

This is the outstanding result of the fusion of two of the most successful Vertigo machines. The high performance of the R series has been combined with the exclusive and unique essence of the Jaime Busto Replica.

The JB-R is available in all engine sizes: 125, 200, 250, 280 and 300cc.

To develop this new model, the Vertigo R&D engineers have been working hand by hand with GET. The outcome is a revolutionary battery-assisted electronic injection system, which in all respects improves and facilitates the start of the bike while optimising the operation of its electrical components.

Hybrid Start: The 390 gr. (0.9 Pounds) of weight pre-charges the electrical system and activates the fuel pump, enhancing the ignition process; matching it up to an electric starting system without affecting the dynamic behaviour of the motorcycle. The battery is located next to the centre of
gravity of the bike, so the distribution of weights does not change. The battery is automatically charged through the voltage regulator and does not consume energy while the bike is stopped.

The battery provides a smooth electric flow to prevent voltage spikes and keeps the temperature of the system stable. Thus, the engine gains in stability and provides better torque at low speed.

Another innovative element developed at Vertigo is the pressure and temperature sensor placed on the inlet manifold. It captures values of temperature, atmospheric pressure and intake pressure in an extremely accurate and immediate way.

Another advantage of placing the sensor in the inlet manifold is that it is protected from mud and water and thus requires no maintenance.

The cooling system is therefore enhanced. The fan always runs at full speed because the battery provides a regular flow. This improves the engine heat dissipation, and it makes the fan turn on less frequently and during less time.

Another significant upgrade to the JB-R over previous models is the front fender, which is lighter and features a completely new design that increases protection for the bike and rider.

The 6mm skid plate has also been redesigned and lighten to provide better shock defence.

The JB-R, like the Titanium R model, also incorporates the machined clutch cover. A piece of exceptional beauty, unique in the trial market, which also provides practical benefits since it is

Silicone cooling hoses, machined aluminium hubs, machined Vertigo footrests and rear brake step plates are additional distinguishing features of this new JB-R.

The black, green and red textured Snake Skin vinyls match the unmistakable, energetic and aggressive style of Jaime Busto. The black side exhaust adds extra elegance to the whole.

The JB-R brings together all the successes accomplished by the Spanish ace during the 2021 season, in which he achieved the Spanish Championship and finished third in the TrialGP and X-Trial World Championships.

Using the Nitro platform, currently the most desired model in the trial market, Vertigo once again presents a high-performance machine, capable of satisfying both the voracity of the most demanding riders and those amateur users who simply want to enjoy their favourite sport.

Again, Vertigo continues to contribute to the progress of the world of trial, providing the latest innovations in technology to build the most advanced, reliable and dynamic motorcycles on the market.

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