Vertigo Nitro Works 2024: The Evolution of the Species

Evolution is key to survival and just as species adapt and improve over time to survive in their environment, Vertigo has embarked on a journey of continuous improvement to offer trial enthusiasts an exceptional experience in 2024 with the new Nitro Works range.

Vertigo Motors has refined its range of trial bikes for 2024 with a series of improvements that are the result of research, racing experience and a passion for trial. The new Vertigo Nitro Works 2024 range of motorbikes features all of these improvements that will undoubtedly make it even easier for riders to enjoy their experience on a bike incorporating top quality cutting-edge elements.

New mapping and engine enhancements

The engine has, undoubtedly, undergone improvements. Extensive racing experience has helped to configure new power maps across all Nitro 2024 models. This advancement represents continuous adaptation to rider needs, offering unparalleled control over the bike’s power and performance. 

Racing demands exceptional rider and machine performance and, in this respect, Vertigo has achieved it with a new injection body calibration that is included across the Works 2024 range. This adaptation ensures instant response from the throttle and the power needed to get through any zone. In addition, the layout of the power unit has been optimised, improving cooling and performance in all conditions.

A new, lighter and more efficient rear subframe

Just as the species evolves to adapt to its environment, Vertigo Motors has worked on one of the key aspects of the trial bike’s chassis. The new Nitro features a machined 6082 aluminium rear subframe in its 2024 range. This lighter, more efficient design marks an adaptation to the trial terrain, providing greater strength and durability.

Continuing with the Nitro Works’ new features, one finds a new crankcase protector. A 6mm shield in 7075-T6 aluminium ensures that the engine is protected against any impact it may suffer. 

Finally, the new design of the Vertigo Nitro Works 2024 retains its trademark deep green colour and its attractive decoration, unique to the Nitro, which includes ‘snakeskin’ stickers that protect as well as adding high resistance to numerous parts of the bike such as headlight, mudguards, frame, filter cover, front suspension tubes and swingarm.

These improvements, which have undergone rigorous competition testing, represent the culmination of Vertigo’s evolution in 2024.

Vertigo Motors will market the Nitro Works 2024 models in five displacement sizes: 125cc, 225cc, 247cc, 280cc and 300cc, which will be available throughout the Vertigo dealer network from this September.

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