Vertigo triumphs in historic Trial competitions

The Scottish Six Days, Tres Dies Internacionals de Santigosa, Scott Trial… legendary Trial competitions that test man and machine to the limits. This year, Vertigo riders have clinched prizes in the three most emblematic endurance trial competitions.

  • Dougie Lampkin victorious in the Scottish. Over 50 Vertigo motorcycles featured in the latest edition of the SSDT.
  •  Victory in the Tres Días de Santigosa. Pau Martínez triumphs in Spain’s most important long-duration race.
  • Winner of the Scott Trial, combining precision with speed. Jack Price, good things come in threes… with Vertigo.

The first Vertigo was conceived in late 2013 as a trial motorcycle capable of succeeding in one of the toughest and most demanding competitions in the world: the Scottish Six Days Trial. This was one of the principles followed by the team of specialists, technicians, designers and engineers at Vertigo Motors, based on input from riders Dougie Lampkin, Jeroni Fajardo, James Dabill, and Francesc Moret.

This is how it was and still is, some 10 years on, that Vertigo dominates the most challenging and long-lasting races on the planet. Last April, Pau Martínez emerged victorious in the 51st edition of one of Europe’s most iconic endurance events, the Tres Días de Santigosa, thanks to excellent progress where his Vertigo Nitro never failed throughout the competition. Weeks later, the twelve-time world champion and British legend, Dougie Lampkin, triumphed in the Scottish Six Days Trial, the legendary Scottish event featuring the participation of over 50 Vertigo riders. With over 100 years of history, this test of stamina for both riders and bikes, was dominated by Vertigo’s ambassador, achieving his sixth victory in the SSDT, this time riding a Nitro RSR.

Recently, in another century-old race, another Vertigo rider secured a significant victory. Jack Price, riding a Vertigo Nitro RSR, won the Scott Trial for the third consecutive time, a competition that combines trial skill and technique with speed to complete a demanding course in the shortest possible time with the lowest score. Furthermore, Vertigo received the award for the best marque in the race; Richard Sadler was fifth and Alfie Lampkin, fifthteen.

All of this goes to reaffirm Vertigo Motors’ initial commitment to create a versatile motorcycle, especially designed for competing in the most demanding of events. As the brand’s motto implies, the fusion of passion and expertise leads to products that consistently excel in the most renowned competitions, attracting a substantial number of devoted trial enthusiasts.


I am very happy and delighted to win the Scott Trial for the third consecutive time with Vertigo. In this race, problems always arise, but my Vertigo didn’t let me down and performed perfectly. This year, I knew I would be tight in the sections, so I had to focus on speed. I knew that with the Vertigo, I could go fast and wouldn’t lose pace in the race. This year, I pushed hard, and everything went perfectly. I set up the bike for wet conditions, rode a bit smoother and it was easier to handle. I’m very pleased with my Vertigo’s performance.

Photos: John Hulme/TrialMagazineUK

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