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Round up of new products

1 MOTS ZONE 02 Riding Boots Various Colour Ways Web:   www.trialendurodirect.com 2 COMAS CT 01 Helmet Various Colour Ways Web:   www.comastrial.com 3 COMAS Trial Shirt and Pant Various Colour Ways Web:   …

Never rains but it pours!

After finding the Ariel ISDT bikes, we are going to have an open day launch in July, when we will have Ron Langston, Gordon Blakeway and ‘yours truly’  at the Museum with their three Gold Medal winning Ariels when everybody can hear them…

It’s go time!

The 2021 Hertz FIM Trial World Championship kicks off this coming weekend with the Italian TrialGP on June 11-13 at Tolmezzo close to the borders with Austria and Slovenia and approximately two hours by car from Venice. All the…

Warm Walsdon – Red Rose Classic

Red Rose Classic Trials club returned to Walsdon for their June trial, high on the hills near Todmorden on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border on a beautiful sunny Sunday. It was the usual format of four laps of 10 sections, with groups…
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