Covid 19: Stage 4 of the Roadmap

The Prime Minister, hosted a press conference on Monday 5th July to set out plans for the final step of the Roadmap in England.  Step 4 is expected to begin on Monday 19th July if the government’s ‘four tests’ for easing COVID restrictions have been met.  This will be confirmed on Monday 12th July following a review of the latest data.  The latest data and scientific modelling suggests that cases will continue to rise as restrictions are eased, but the link to hospitalisations has been weakened because of the very successful vaccine programme.  

From Step 4, Mr Johnson said that; 

  • all legal limits on the numbers meeting indoors and outdoors will be removed. 
  • All limits on numbers of people attending concerts, theatre, and sports events will be lifted. 
  • The rule on the 1 metre plus rule on social distancing will end, and the legal obligation to wear a face covering,  
                  although guidance will suggest where an individual may choose to do so, especially when cases are rising, and where
                  a person comes into contact with people they don’t normally meet in enclosed places, such as obviously crowded
                  public transport.

To continue to receive the best possible protection against COVID, all adults continue to be encouraged to get two vaccine doses.  As of 4th July, over 78 million vaccine doses have now been administered in the UK and 64.4% of adults have received both doses.   Step 3 was delayed by 4 weeks so every adult could be offered a vaccine and around two thirds of adults could receive a second jab, and more data could be assessed on the new Delta variant which is now dominant in the UK.  

Wales.  No definite date for lifting restrictions in Wales has been given.  The lifting of restrictions in Wales was put on pause for four weeks on 17th June to get as many people as possible vaccinated before the next review takes place on 15th July.  

Following the Prime Minister’s press announcement, unless the decision to move to Step 4 is delayed, then as with UK Government policy, COVID restrictions at ACU permitted events can be removed.  The following actions are recommended to Event Organisers:  

  • That COVID restrictions in place at ACU events are removed in accordance with Gov.UK policy after 19th July.
  • Organisers/Permanent Circuits continue to liaise with Local Authorities to make them aware that events are taking place in their area. 
  • Organisers ensure that Supplementary Regulations for an event state that individuals need to take some personal responsibility for their own safety and exercise judgement as appropriate.  
  • Local Organisers may put in place control measures to protect against Covid infections, if they wish to do so, particularly if there is a spike in the rate of infection in their area.  This includes Local Organisers insisting everyone wears a face mask, if they deem this an appropriate measure. 
  • As has been the case and remains the case, Local Organisers should discourage any rider or official who has contracted the virus from attending their event.  

With regard the final point about riders / officials attending events who have contracted the virus, the declarations on Entry Forms and Signing-On Forms will be amended as follows and updated on the ACU Website and On Line system: 

Covid Declaration when entering an event (to be added to declaration)

  • I declare that should I contract coronavirus in a ten-day period prior to the event taking place, I will not travel to or participate/officiate at the event and will follow Gov.UK guidance/advice as appropriate. 

Riders and Officials Signing On Sheet (to be added to declaration)

  • I declare that I have not tested positive or been required to self-isolate as a result of having had symptoms related to Covid-19 or been in contact with someone who has been infected with the virus in the last ten-day period leading up to this event. 
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