Let’s have a little fun with what we’re calling #TrialChallenge! The idea is simple, every month we’ll be setting new challenges for riders of all ages and nationalities to complete on any bike (preferred on trial bikes, of course 😉) with the winners getting their hands on exclusive GASGAS prizes. It’s completely free to take part, simply upload your best video or photo onto Instagram making sure to post with #TrialChallenge. We’ll then decide who did it best. Good luck!
  • GASGAS gamify trial with the #TrialChallenge
  • Compete with your friends online
  • #TrialChallenge is open to riders on any bike

We’re inviting everyone with a (trial) bike – not just those riding a GASGAS – to step forward, have some fun, and take part in our simple-to-enter online #TrialChallenge. In order to test the skills of all (trial) riders, every month we’ll be setting new challenges, with different levels of difficulty, to allow riders of all abilities to join in the fun and get in on the action.

The winner of each challenge will receive a cool €300.00 voucher to spend on GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. These are the easy to follow competition rules…
  1. Upload a video or photo of you completing the challenge onto Instagram
  2. Add #TrialChallenge in the caption
  3. Tag two friends and let the global battle begin!

Stay tuned to our instagram account or our website for details on the first challenge, then it’s over to you! Not only are we looking forward to seeing talented (trial) riders from around the world in action, but we guarantee that by taking part you’ll develop skills and learn some new ones along the way.

Not sure if you’re ready for #TrialChallenge? Don’t worry, we have a complete ‘how-to’ trial riding video tutorial series that’s designed specifically to help riders develop and master essential new skills. Check out The GASGAS Trial Guides ‘how-to’ video tutorial series now, on the GASGAS website!
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