Miquel Cirera Press Release

After 46 years dedicated to the sport I love the most, trial, and always as a member of Montesa-Honda, the time has come to bid farewell. These have been many years of racing, travelling, daily work with a lot of pressure and many sacrifices to keep the racing team at its highest level. 

Through this press release I would like to make public that as of December 31st I will no longer form part of the Repsol Honda Team and Montesa Honda. 

Since April 1, 1976, when I became part of this great family as one of the brand’s riders, I have enjoyed each and every moment that I have been able to experience. Without a doubt, I consider myself very lucky to have been part of Montesa and to have contributed, together with the rest of the team and the factory, to the enormous sporting achievements and the development of many of the models in the range.

During these 46 years I have been able to enjoy great moments, but I have also had to live through some very tough, tricky moments that have undoubtedly helped me to grow as a person and as a professional. But if there is one thing I will take away from it all, it is the great friends I have been able to meet all over the world. 

I would like to take this parting moment to thank everyone who has been part of Montesa and the racing team over all these years. Together, we have clinched 74 world titles! This is a spectacular figure that would not have been possible without the help of each and every one of the people who have accompanied and supported me throughout all these years. I can’t name each and every one of them, as I’m sure I could leave someone out and that would be unforgivable. Therefore, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my family, riders, mechanics, physical trainers, minders, doctors, factory employees, sponsors, press officers and friends. Finally, thanks also to all the Montesa fans who have always shown their passion for the brand. Without you, living this dream would not have been possible.

VIVA trial and VIVA Montesa.
Thank you all so much!

Miquel Cirera
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