In part one, found in Trial Magazine issue number 88, we looked at the early years, 2009–2011, of the new and exciting Ossa off-road motorcycle project in Spain. In part two, found here, we find out it was time to raise the bar and gain customer confidence in the product to take the manufacturer forward as a serious challenger to the other more established brands. In other words, they needed to start producing and selling more motorcycles because volume sales would bring in much-needed financial revenue. They had a vision of a new Enduro model using their new-found engine technology, but they first wanted to attract the adventure trail-type urban rider who could enjoy a dual-purpose machine. The freedom for the rider to take in some fun time with friends whilst having a machine that could also be ridden in easy-to-ride trials; the theme was 100% owner enjoyment. As they moved into 2012, and with the addition of a new ‘Explorer’ model, it was all looking so good for the future. However, customer confidence was not where it needed to be for the buying public and sales dropped dramatically. Just as the brand started to gain the reliability in the Ossa they so desperately needed, problems started to surface in the supply of new machines. Roll the clock forward to 2015 and these were expected to be exciting times for Ossa, but in the end were not as financially rewarding as was expected by the investors. Shortly the Ossa name would become a disappearing act as it was literally ghosted away into the financial problems of the old Gas Gas company, never to be seen again…


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