Toby Martyn Takes the Win RD 3 2023 ACU Trial GB

Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK) arrived back in the 2023 ACU Trial GB British Trials championship after missing round two and took the win in front of Jack Peace (Sherco) in a very close battle for supremacy in the Lake District at round three.

This ACU championship uses the unique Trial GB marking system where competitors may stop, go sideways, or reverse without penalty, going backwards whilst footing incurs a five-mark penalty. An additional championship point is awarded to the best lap performance on observation. A one and a half minute allowance for sections is used and the split between laps one and two used previously is now removed allowing the riders to complete all three laps of twelve sections within the specified time allowance. In the Trial GB class the seven best from eight rounds will be classified to allow for any riders who may be contracted to FIM X-Trial duties.

Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK)


Round three of the series took the riders to Po House, Millom found in the north of the country. The theme of a more traditional style of competition in the championship continued from the previous one with a wide selection of rocks, streams and steep rocky out-crops in the 12 sections over the three laps. This event would also start the 2023 championship for electric machines. The weather held with bouts of sunshine coming through the cloud to provide a dry day. The entry was made up of 55 riders entered across the five classes Trial GB, Trial 2, Trial 125, Expert and Trial Electric.

Jack Peace (Sherco)

This was always going to be a tough event to find a winner and as expected the fight between the championship leader Jack Peace and the defending champion Toby Martyn was close all day. With the starting order dictating that Martyn would start first and Jack Peace last the opening lap had them engaged in the fight for the win. Martyn conceded three stops with Jack Peace only taking one which gave the advantage to the championship leader by just four marks.


Billy Green (Scorpa)


On the second lap Peace had a mechanical problem which put him on the back foot as Martyn closed the gap to the first lap leader gaining the advantage and putting him right back in contention. The third and final lap was a very close call with Peace setting the best lap of the trials and the extra championship point that went with it but Martyn held his nerve to take the win by just four marks.


Jack Peace (Sherco): “Finishing second in any event is not where I want to be as the aim is always to win. I have ridden well today but was kept away from the top spot of the podium after some problems on the second lap which left me chasing the clock in order to finish within the allocated time allowance. From the slippery rocks in the stream at the opening section to the tough rocky challenges on the exposed hillside once again the Michelin tyres were at there very best to help me maintain a healthy championship lead after the three-opening round’s of the 2023 championship.”


Results Round Three – Po House Millom – 09/04/2023

Trial GB Championship Class

1: Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK) 61; 2: Jack Peace (Sherco) 65; 3: Billy Green (Scorpa) 84; 4: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 85; 5: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 93; 6: Harry Turner (Scorpa) 108; 7: Dan Peace (Sherco) 109.


Trial GB Championship Positions after three of eight Rounds

1: Jack Peace (Sherco) 60; 2: Billy Green (Scorpa) 45; 3: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 43; 4: Toby Martyn (Montesa Honda UK) 37; 5: Jack Dance (GASGAS) 35; 6: Harry Turner (Scorpa) 21; 7: Dan Peace (Sherco) 9.


Full results from all classes and championship positions can be found here:


The 2023 ACU British Trials Championship continues with round four on the 28th of May staying in the north of the country at Inch Perfect Trials near Clitheroe.




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