TrialGP Returns to Germany

Trial World Champion Toni Bou visited the venue in Germany and started the promotion of the upcoming TrialGP in the town of Neunkirchen. The succesful promotion event was highlighted by a trials show with the TRS Germany team together with Toni, a press conference as well as a meet and greet for all the fans with Toni and the local World Championship participants. More than 500 spectators travelled to Neunkirchen to be part of the show and made the event a huge success for the team.

Back in 2016 was the last time the series came to Germany and it’s going to be the first ever international trials race at this venue ever.
The TrialGP will be held by the ADAC Westfalen in cooperation with PWS Offroad GmbH, which is an expert for Offroad vehicles and events. Here you find everything from trial bikes to 4×4 equipment and electric bicycles. The passion for trials has been developed by 7x German trials Champion Jens ter Jung, who is the team manager of the TRS Germany Trials Team.

TrialGP in Neunkirchen is going to be a two-day event (Saturday and Sunday) with Trial2 Women, TrialGP Women, Trial2 and the TrialGP class riding.
Two laps with 12 sections on a course of approximately 6km.
Six natural sections in the woods of Neunkirchen combined with six sections on PWS Offroad’s training area, where the team added more than 400 tons of rocks to the existing obstacles to build sections for the Worlds best trials riders. In addition to the race there will be a riders presentation on Friday as well as live music on Saturday night and traditional German food over the whole weekend.

Toni Bou was impressed by the amount of people at Sundays warm-up event and said that the atmosphere and feedback of the crowd made him look forward to the event held on the second weekend of July and to return to Germany after 6 years of absence.

Another highlight will be the appereance of Germa- nys most succesful male trials rider of modern times, Franzi Kadlec who will make his comeback to the TrialGP class at his home event. Franzi started work- ing in the company of his father, since he stopped his international trials career, but he never stopped training and this event gave him new motivation for 2022. He’s looking stronger than ever and hopes for a top 10 result in Neunkirchen.

Directly from Neunkirchen are local heros Sophia ter Jung and Paul Reumschüssel. Sophia (22) will take part in the Trial2 Women class and plays a big part in the organisation of the event. After good results in former international events, she hopes for a podium finish in front of her hometown crowd.

21 year old Paul Reumschüssel is ranked 3rd in the German cham- pionship. Starting in the highly competitive Trial2 class, he’s trying to make the most out of his home advantage. While he’s getting ready in PWS Offroads own training area, he’s part of the section team in Neunkirchen, to use his years of TrialGP experience in the best way.

The event, which will take place from the 8th to the 10th of July, expects almost 4000 spectators and the crew around PWS Offroad and the ADAC Westfalen works hard to create a weekend to re- member.

Tickets are on sale right now at

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