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Scorpa 2020

Scorpa SC FACTORY 125 CYCLE PART REIGER Shock absorber Adjustable aluminium TECH fork Z42 rear sprocket : improved traction 2020 Factory graphic Kit ENGINE PART Clutch evolution continued, springs and lever…

JSTGGUK at the Lakes

Team JST GAS GAS UK at 'The Lakes Two Day Trial'... Team JSTGGUK rider Richard Sadler was runner up P2 at The Lakes Two Day Trial. Very much on form Richard was best on day 2 but a few too many Saturday gifted the win to Jack Peace.…

Ken Smith obituary

Wetherby Motor Club lost a founding father of the club with the passing of Ken Smith at the age of 92 on Saturday. Ken died in the Belmont Care Home where he has reside for the last few months. In the golden years of the Wetherby…

Sammy Miller 2020 Events

Please find attached our list of events for 2020. Events List 2020 If you would like further info or photos of these events, many of which we have held before,  please don’t hesitate to contact me.  There are a couple of events which…
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