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The 2019 Scott Trial is Go!

As all the trialling world knows, the dales where we run the Scott  Trial has been devastated by recent floods, the streams which we have sections in have expanded from 6 feet wide to 40 feet wide in many places causing the landscape to…

Trial2 is next for Touly!

Kieran, who lives in Montbrison in central France, made his FIM Trial World Championship debut this season and dominated to win five out of six rounds on his way to a clear-cut 26-point victory. He now plans to follow in the footsteps…

Team JST GAS GAS UK Youth Team in France

Team JST GAS GAS UK Youth Team in France at European Youth Trials Championship... Great to see so many Brits supporting the European Youth Trials Championship. Respect to the riders and respective families... Good to see the JSTGGUK…
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