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TDN Reflection

TDN REFLECTION - THREE DECADES OF WINNERS Nowhere is Spain's global domination of Trial more readily apparent than on the FIM Trial des Nations roll of honour. Victorious for the last thirteen years, in the thirty-three-year history of the…

Spain looking for double at TDN

Spain will look for the double in the TdN 2017 of Baiona with two teams Toni Bou, Adam Raga and Jaime Busto, who will make their debut in the competition by national teams, will defend title in boys, while Sandra Gómez, Berta Abellán and…

TRRS riders Shine in Italian GP

Adam Raga and Jule Steinert shine in the Italian GP and confirm their second place in the World Championship The 2017 Trial World Championship ends with a positive result for TRRS, with victories in TrialGP, Trial2, Trial2Women and two…

Bou and Busto on Podium

TrialGP 2017   Round TR8 , Trial 1 Bou and Busto, in the TrialGP World Championship final podium The Repsol Honda Team rider claimed victory in the final event of the FIM TrialGP World Championship season in Italy. Jaime Busto rounds off…

TrialGP – Titles Claimed

TRIALGP ITALY - BRISTOW, ROBERTS AND MURCIA CLAIM THEIR RESPECTIVE TITLES Toni Bou - Repsol Honda signed off on top at TrialGP Italy, the eighth and final round of the 2017 FIM Trial World Championship, with a dominant victory over fellow…

TrialGP Italy results

Top 10 Results from the TrialGP, Trial2 and TrialGP Women from the Italian World Round ... TrialGP ... Trial2 ... TrialGP Women ... Full .PDF Results .. FOCGP FOCT2 FOCW2 FOCWG
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